Bullet Journal

Introduction to my Bullet Journal

Introduction to my Bullet Journal

Hello everyone !

Finally, time for the first article of this new category, the motivation for this blog : Bullet Journal !
Bullet Journal is a method of organization which needs only one notebook and a pen. It was created by Ryder Carroll.
To set the idea, I find no other wording as good as this one from Buzzfeed : a Bullet journal is, at the same time, a planner, a to-do list, and a journal. How powerful is that ? The other mighty thing is whatever you may need or want to write you just flip the pages to the next blank one and start writing !

Here is the original video from the original Bullet Journalist. I recommend watching it at least once, and as many times as you want.

The other great thing with this video, is the minimalist Bullet journal shown there. There is no distraction from too much colours, or doodles, or boxes that could get confusing. I mean, it’s okay if you like that, perfectly okay. It is just nice to see the core structure of it at the beginning, so that, who knows? You can decorating and reorganizing as much as you want, thanks to this clear background.

Now it’s show time for mine !

We’ll start by the beginning : what do I use ?

Introduction to my Bullet Journal
I use a lined A5 notebook, from house doctor, with a very helpful elastic band. The story behind is that I started Bullet Journalling when I was away from home, and I had just packed two gifted notebooks. One was already in use, in a sort of journey memories journal, so I tried with one, and I love it! I think the paper is 80 gsm. I write mostly with gel pens or fountain pen and, even if there is a bit of ghosting, there is no bleeding through at all. The lines are 8mm apart, thin and clear, so I am not bothered by them at all. The pages are not numbered, I just go ten by ten at the pace I advance through the notebook.
On the very first page, which is a bit glued to the cover, I have my key. I added it later on, hence the use of this page.
The real beginning is the index page. For that, I set up two pages, a complete spread. I went back a lot to this spread. Obviously for adding new months and collections (more on that later), but also to redecorate a bit, each time I got new things to play with. So here it is :
Introduction to my Bullet Journal


The very first time I wrote “index”, it was with graphite pencil. Sometimes later, I inked the words with some felt tip pen, like the Papermate Flair. At the end of summer 2016, I got my first washi tapes, so some went there, and I really like it, all those owls guarding my index entries. And the latest bit of decorating is my new Tombow Dual Brush Pen, that I got for Christmas. I got the 6 pastel pack, and I am very happy with them. I did some ombre on the letters, and I am quite happy how it turned out.
You surely noticed some signifiers on some entries. The little squares are for the months, I coloured them in when the month is finished. The little stars are for particularly useful collections, probably the ones I will keep on my next notebook. Yes, because I think January will be my last month in this one. I am excited about moving onto my new notebook, but that story will be for another time 😉 .
I don’t put in the index any single page of the journal, only the ones that will be useful again. For example, when I was coming back to school in November, I was a bit lost between every assignment to do, with which people, for which course, etc. So I did a little mind map on the next blank page available, which was very helpful, but there was no need for me to index it.
Next thing I want to show you with this post is my last Monthly log :
I kept it pretty close to the “original”. I added some lines to separate weeks. On the right of the lines, it could be an invisible column: that’s where I write which hours are my classes on, and some deadlines and finals. On the left, it is a “normal” monthly log : events coming up, or things to do. I don’t use (yet?) this spread to note special things that happened.
In the blank space, I have my first try on goals. I am really a newbie in goals settings, so I tried to keep them pretty simple, and with numbers. It is not read more, it is read 100 pages. Well, for this one, I don’t really track my progress, bad me. I know that at the beginning of the month I was approximately at the 20thpage, so I will see where I will be at the end. Moreover, the end of January will be much calmer!
You can also notice that I have 2 colors for goals bullets: blue are for personal, creative stuff, and pink is for school stuff. I wanted those to really stand out, because right now there are so important.
Underneath, I have some tasks to do this month. Nothing special here, except that it is here that I note future events for upcoming months. Another way to say that I don’t have a future log. Wait, what ? No future log ? Don’t panic, here is the explanation. For background, I started bullet journalling 7 or 8 months ago, and at this time I had a future log for the next 6 months. On it I wrote birthdays (that I know by heart anyway), some films or books coming up (Harry Potter and the cursed Child, not to give a name). I didn’t use it very much, and when it went out of date, I didn’t see the point of doing a new one.
Wait, there is more! For some times, I stopped doing dailys too! I was using some kind of weekly with enough space for me, and I was not really into journalling and writing in my Bullet Journal every single day. However, I picked it up 2 weeks ago, so I have a new kind of weekly. How exciting!
Here it is:
 Introduction to my Bullet Journal
There are 4 main things to notice. First, the eight boxes at the top of the spread: here I write my time schedule, days specific tasks or deadlines. But the week is only seven days long! Yep, that’s right. In the eighth box, it is for upcoming events or deadlines, so I see them coming.
Second, below those boxes are thinner boxes: those makes a gratitude line. It is inspired by Pretty prints and paper over here. I try everyday to think of something, someone, some event that I am grateful for. I don’t do it for long enough to be certain about the relaxing effect of gratitude, and it may be coincidental, but I feel less stressed out since I started!
And that’s all for today! Overall, I am very happy about Bullet Journalling and I recommend it wholeheartedly! I am thinking of writing about the reasons for Bullet Journalling, so if you have any doubt, reason to do, anything to say, please tell me!
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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