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Level 10 Life

Hello all! Today I am writing about Level 10 life, a handy tool to assess and gain knowledge about yourself, hereby helping you setting goals towards the right direction of a better you.


Level 10 life comes from Hal Elrod’s book Miracle Morning, and it became very popular within Bullet Journaling, mainly thanks to Boho Berry. The idea is that you want to have your best life possible, the level 10 one. So you start by evaluating yourself in 10 areas of focus, on a scale from 0, not so good, to 10, the best you can. Usually you do this assessment in a graphical way, like a circle, or a square, or whatever. This graph stands on the left page of the spread, and on the right page, you put related goals. Usually it is two or three goals, achievable steps, by area of focus. These will guide you towards your level 10 life.

So, that’s gave you the big picture, if you didn’t know about Level 10 Life.

I discovered this in June ‘16, and yes, I was intrigued. But at the same I was discovering so much new things at this time. I tried some bits of Miracle Morning, I was making my home in my Bullet Journal. I think I was a bit overwhelmed by all those goal settings blog posts, and level 10 Life, and how to be more productive etc. Also I had a bit of a contradiction spirit, so yeah, I didn’t do it right away. Overall I am very happy with the life I have. I do think there are some areas that could get a bit improved, but that didn’t concern me much. And most of all, I was a bit afraid, I guess, of, sorry for the wording, afraid of becoming too good, or so good I would not recognize myself anymore.

Then, a few weeks ago, in the middle of the night, I wrote a little discrete blog post (you can find it here, but it’s not necessary to understand what’s next). Mainly, I understood that change cannot be so bad, that I will keep being in balance, with maybe more good part taking over actual bad parts, but necessarily, new bad parts would appear.

So today, here I went, diving into this uneasy self assessment, drawing circles and defining goals. That’s the easy part. The real reflexion came from the areas, and then the goals.

The 10 areas of focus are :

  • family and friends

  • Personal development

  • Spirituality

  • Finances

  • Career

  • Marriage

  • Fun & recreation

  • Giving and contribution

  • Physical Environment

  • Health & Fitness

Side note : at first I was tempted to separate family and friends, because I evaluate the quality of relationships between my family and between my friends very differently, and I didn’t want the low one to have repercussions one the higher scoring area. But then I read more posts on Level 10 Life, and I decided to stick with the original areas.

You might also want to add the date somewhere on the spread. Even if it might be surrounded by daily pages that gives the timeline, it can be easier to refer to with the date on the page.

Here is the full picture:


I think I am a bit disappointed that so many areas are low, because overall I am very happy with my life. And there I realized that I am “only” because of my studies, my boyfriend and family. It is something to think on…

About the level 10 goals, I tried to keep them actionable and simple. I won’t detail all of them here, there is no point, but there still are few things I want to write about.

I don’t know much about Personal Development, and Spirituality, so basically I went with discovering what the heck spirituality is and how it could be useful or good to me, and getting to myself better for the Personal Development. You have to start somewhere, after all.

Lastly, for Giving & Contribution, I want to keep up giving blood as often as I can. I feel so very lucky that I am able to do it, it really is an extraordinary feeling each time. Also I want to start doing more donations to charities and “causes” that matter to me. Just a little at a time, but I felt very useful the one or two times I did that.

This exercise was really useful, I learned a lot about myself. I intent to review it often, so that next time I will do it, there will be progress! I got lucky doing it in January, next time will be right in the middle of the year!

What about you? Did you do a Level 10 Life assessment ?


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