Bullet Journal

February Setup

Hello everyone!

Today is my first ever monthly set up post! I am so excited to share it with you!


We’ll start by what you may already know, my monthly spread. It is still the same from the Introduction post.

I am keeping up with the original way of logging. I listed all the days, number and first letter of the day word. The weeks are separated by a simple line, clean and efficient. You may notice that all days are on the left page, and that is because I changed notebooks. This new one has exactly 31 lines, so that is just perfect!

On the next page is some notes and goals and tasks for the month of February. Everything get mixed up here, and that is okay with me. The best thing is that I can see everything in the same place without too much effort.


Next on my monthly setup are some collections. A very useful one is my Expenses pages, where I track everything bit of money spend. I usually write the name of the store, how much it cost, of course, and then I have some place left for comments. The comments were not there at first, but it is easier when later I want to remember why did I spent money there. I also added a little Letter next to the price, to act as a category. At the end of the month, I try to take some time to add up all numbers for each categories. Then I see how I spent my money, and if that seats well with me. If not, I know where to act next month.


This month, February, which apparently is also the month of love, I am trying for the first time a Gratitude Log. It can be seen a bit like a Love/Like log, don’t you think ? Anyway it sure is something positive, and I truly intent to rise and keep up the smile, even more so as Spring has never been so close!

And here we dive into the month of February!


Next is new weekly page that I thought up and am trying out. I really like the design part of it, how the leaves turned out, how the days are written in big and turned-up letters. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space or visibility for the week ‘s notes and tasks and miscellaneous whatever. I am already thinking of how to improve it for next week, which already seems so close around the corner!

And to finish up this post, here is my first daily of this notebook:


Many thins are interesting here. I very roughly tried a time management line. I didn’t take the time to colour code it, instead I wrote directly the time sensitive stuff underneath the good hour. It was really nice to have it, but not yet so useful, as I didn’t do it again the next day.

However, I tried again to track my water intake. Some months ago, I used to track it inside a classic monthly tracker, and I had a line per drinks. It was a great and detailed way to know precisely how much I drank, but it was a bit tiring to remember exactly how much, and so when and what I drink, and wasn’t that the day before ? But as I care much about improving my water intake, I decided to try it again this week. It was an on-the-go decision, and I chose to keep it in the daily. I don’t think I am ready yet to have to move to yet another page each evening (no, I am not lazy at all, I don’t know what you mean). And to even more simplify the tracking, I decided to just note down how much I feel about it. So yeah it is colour coded, my first one in fact, but that’s okay, there is fun in playing with Tombows. I only intent to use three colours: blue, I drink well, I feel good ; yellow (I don’t have orange yet), not quite enough, but still enough, meh; and red for really bad days. I really hope I will never have to to colour a little square in red.

So here you go! I feel this month really well, I am just recovering for a bit of cold, but all of my exams and projects and assignments are done for at least a month. I am ready to enjoy some life!

What about you? Are you excited for this short and loving month?


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