Bullet Journal

InCoWriMo 2017

Hello everyone!

A big challenge for me this month: I am doing the InCoWriMo challenge! It is my first challenge ever, and I am so excited about it.tete2

So, what the heck is InCoWriMo ? First, it stands for International Correspondence Writing Month, and the idea is very simple to say, but not so much to do: you write, and send, a letter every single day during the month of February. So this year, if everything goes accordingly to plan, I will send out 28 letters.

Up until now, the 7th of February, I have written a letter a day. Actually, I send one the first, but I didn’t think about it much, but on the second, I read so many blog posts about it, and this one from Page Flutter just had me wanting to send her a letter, so I wrote it. And then I started to think about it. Am I doing the InCoWriMo challenge ? Do I want to do it ? What if I run out of people to send letters to ? I had some trouble going to sleep that night, I was like in so much doubt. And then, oh so wonderful boyfriend: “if you want, you could give me letters on days when you don’t whom to send them” and that was the revelation, the back up plan I needed! And the decision was made: I am participating in InCoWriMo 2017!

So on the next day of this decision, the third, I started to make a list of people I could send letters to. There are bloggers in there, basically it is thanks to all of them, to all of this community that I started Bullet Journaling and that I started blogging, and I just want to write that to them. I have no worry whatsoever writing to them, because even though we don’t know each other, we share the same passion, and they know about InCoWriMo.

There are also friends, family, and old relationships on the list. I might be slightly more worried about writing to them. Like, apart from postal cards on holidays, I never write to family. Do I tell them it is part of a challenge? I don’t think I should, because it kinda takes away the spontaneity of just writing, and receiving a letter, like that, because why not? I might apply the same idea to old relationships as well. Here I am thinking of people abroad I lived with, for a week or some month. But then I have no idea what to write, maybe how to explain the letter ? Do I need to explain myself ? Can I make it look like very late well wishes for the New Year?

Of course I had to make a page for it in my Bullet Journal!


I got inspired by Boho Berry on this one, I am hopeful that at the end it will look the same, with 28 lovely little envelopes on the page, with names on them. I draw the envelope and write the name, the date on it, and when I have send it I color in the little stamp. I didn’t want to draw them all because I feared it will put too much pressure on me. And now that I am a bit more engaged in the month, I am very glad I didn’t draw them all in one go. However, I kept the list on a scrap paper fold in my notebook, I didn’t want to commit to it yet.

I was really happy when I send out my first letters, I need to concentrate on that, to keep going through the month. I really want to do the one per day, keep up the smile while I am writing.

I will update you at the end of the month, we’ll see how it goes!


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