Watercolor mandala

Hi everyone!

The other day, I took some time to paint a little mandala, and I want to share it with you all.

I usually draw mandalas with a black pen, after I have drawn out the guidelines in pencil. Once the pen is dry, I can easily erase the pencil to get a clean and finished look.

However, in my little experience, when I trace things with a pencil and paint over it with watercolor, I cannot erase it, or with lots of difficulty.

So I free drew this mandala, with no guidelines at all, and I am pretty proud of the result :


During this very relaxing process, I discovered a very simple technique that was, until then, unknown to me. It is how I colored in the clearer colors.

My first idea, for the brown/orange leaves, was to fill them with dots :


However, the results didn’t please me. So I just went back, watering the dots, and creating this beautifully light color :


I am very happy of this new trick, as I have some difficulty equally spreading the pigment with the water, and watercolor is so versatile to top it off!


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