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InCoWrimo wrap-up…

Hi everyone!

Today’s mood is a little different, because I am going over how I did for my InCoWriMo challenge this month, and I am afraid it is not quite so good as I would have wished. However, some very good things happened thanks to it, so read on!

All those blanks staring at me… First I kept track of the days passing, and then, nothing

In simple words, I did not do it. I wrote eight letters, and effectively sent out seven of them. On the eight, I got stuck because I didn’t have the postal address. I also realized that I didn’t have access to as much postal addresses as I would have liked. To keep on the flow of self excuses, life and school got in the way as well, with me coming home late every night, with no energy to write.

I previously wrote that I totally dove in unprepared, and I honestly feel that it plays a good part of me finally giving up. I do not have pretty letter paper, only classic blank paper for printers. So I had to take time each time to make it a bit prettier, with a little drawing, or stamping. And what’s more, I didn’t have enough people to write to. I fear it is kinda stupid, because InCoWriMo has a list of good people to write to, but I don’t fell like writing to total strangers. I made an exception for some bloggers, because I got a feeling of knowing them a  bit through their blog, and I had a little story to start my letter with.

I consciously chose not to cram and do all letters in one final day, as I feel it is against the spirit of the challenge. It would have feel like school work done at the last minute, and therefore it would have lost all of its magic.

Now for the good things! I cannot pass them up, there are all the things I want to remember!

First of all, I absolutely want to remember my happiness and joy when I send off those letters. It truly was an amazing feeling, and I am counting on it to motivate me if I ever feel I want to do this challenge again next year. I did a good job of noting all of that down in my Bullet Journal, in my “happiness log” (it used to be gratitude log at the very beginning, but gratitude at the time was meaning different things to me, and I wasn’t ready to keep the name, hence the change).

I got a letter back too! Awesome! It was from a friend, and he absolutely loved the idea of the challenge, of sending mail again to people. It was too tight for him to do the challenge this month, but he’s already planning to send off letters in the next months. He already liked writing, but writing to people by letter takes it to the next level. I am so glad I got to introduce him to the concept, it is awesome.

So yeah, it was a bit disappointing failing the challenge, but I hope better preparation next year will lead to successful results, and awesome correspondence!

Have a very nice day! I plan to come back soon for my March setup, with some new things! Stay tuned! And here is  a little rose, before leaving.

I made it with the tutorial from @letsdrawchallenge over at Instagram!


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