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Hi everyone! I hope March is going well for you and you can do all the things you want. Here, March is the month of discoveries. I have been reading lots of short and interesting books, and each one of them got a page in my Bullet Journal. Plus a few other pages here and there, and now I have plenty of headers to show you. I hope you’ll find some inspiration for your own Bullet Journal or whatever writing you’re using πŸ™‚Β  Let’s dive in!

Series tracker header

Okay, we’ll start by an easy one. I simply grabbed one of my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and, using the brush side, I wrote the header in capital letters. I took care of putting pressure when going down, and going lightly for every horizontal part of letters. I am quite happy with how it turned out. By the way, you can also notice how I messed up pretty bad the Supergirl logo. I drew it by memory, and obviously it was a bad idea. I am still laughing when I see it.

Next are two other Brush pens headers. I had a lettering effect to my regular handwriting by putting pressure when going down, and putting no pressure when going up. I as also trying to do bouncy letterings, and in this game I still have so much to learn. It was fun to do, and I really enjoyed it, because, let’s be honest a second, those headers are the only way I practice my brush lettering. It is fine by me, I am happy with how I am managing this stuff.

Next are some “hollow” headers. The first one is an all-cap one, that I tried to make tight and tall. Sadly, I forgot a letter, so it ruined the effect. I don’t like that first much, I find it boring. Where the second one is more lively! I tend to prefer lowercase letters because they are less regular.This header is based of faux calligraphy. I colored the letter with a light purple Tombow Dual Brush Pens. I find calm, and I love it!

To finish this headers collection (pun intended), I present to you two headers that at first I didn’t have time to make them look good, and furthermore I didn’t have my Tombows at hand. So I simply write them bigger, and later, when I had time and creative mind, I framed them in little designs. I used 3 Tombow for the blue one : a lagoon blue for the drawing, a light blue for coloring the inside of the frame, and a light green to color in the drawing. The right one is a bit more complex, because I don’t have a orange Tombow. But I have a Stabilo point 88! so I used this one to draw the orange part, and then I colored in with a light yellow Tombow. To make it look orange, I used a magic trick of the Tombow : the blending effect! I started each stroke one the red line, and a bit of red pigment came with the yellow brush to make it orange. I am really happy with this one!

And that’s all for today, lovelies! I hope you had fun reading this post, and that it inspired you a little! Don’t hesitate to share in the comments πŸ˜‰



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