Want to know more about me? Here you go!

I discovered the bullet Journal system in June 2016. I went easy in this rabbit hole,ever so slowly getting more artsy and colourful. At this time, I was only on Pinterest and going from blog to blog, reading blog posts upon blog posts of wonderful Bullet Journal stuff. That was pretty easy to keep on hand.

Then, in the end of 2016, I fell into Instagram, and there you go, hours of scrolling and liking and whaooo-ing. Slowly, I began to want to participate, to be included in the community, to share my journal as well. My little forgotten idea of setting up a blog for this came back as well…

So I went researching blog stuff. In a bit sadly way, I mainly found help and advice on how to create and rise money making blogs. I only wanted an amateur blog, so all (and there are many of them) posts about getting set up and running in 5 minutes with a self hosted method didn’t apply to me. Nevertheless, I started on Blogger, went high on personalising the blog, then all of the sudden, changed my mind and here I am, being welcome in the wordpress.com family, especially thanks to the 31 days introduction email course.

I intent for this blog to mainly be about Bullet Journal, because it is at the core of its existence, but I am also discovering and enjoying watercolours, so expect a few of them as well. Maybe even more things will come up, we’ll see that together!